artist athlete

  • $8.5 Million for Mini

    So a couple weeks ago I told you how I combine trail running with a creative activity. While spending hours and hours in the mountains on trails, I like to stop and play. I take photos of miniatures.

    I've had a fascination with miniatures for longer than I can remember. I would have moved into the Carole & Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures if I could have pulled it off. Much of my attraction to miniatures is wonderment of "how did they make that so tiny?" 

    The shot is quick. I don't spend any time setting the scene. Especially if I am on the trails with a friend, we like to keep moving forward quickly. I find a place in which the object will stay upright, whip out the iphone and be done. Post to my instagram post trail run/hike. #ArtistAthlete

    My miniatures are not the same as the $8.5 million dollhouse but the views are priceless (had to...).

    Pictured here: Barbie @ Mount San Jacinto Peak, Old Goat @ Mount Langley, Homie Oso @ Mount Islip. Video above: Kewpie @ Mount Baden-Powell

  • The Artist and The Engineer

    The artist and the engineering collaborated on vimeo’s weekend challenge: morning routine (rule: keep length to about one minute). We both are training for a 100k trail race. We rise at very early on Saturdays and Sundays for back to back training runs. The engineer hates getting up early. Me… the earlier the better! Morning routine pace noticeably different but he is the faster runner. I went with black and white due to inconsistent lighting in our apartment in the early mornings. I kept the original sound to capture the real life morning routine, like the flushing of a toilet. Field recording.